Monday, 14 May 2012

The M-16 Agenda by James P Wilcox

The M-16 Agenda

The M-16 Agenda by James P. Wilcox


Wow, just wow. If you aren't a fan of political thrillers then this isn't the book for you. If you are then this book should be on your must read list. It's very well written, and incredibly layered.

The story not only deals with the political aspirations of the main character, Jack, but also the impact on his family and those around him. We follow him from the events that lead him to want to get into politics, through three different campaigns. We not only learn how it takes a toll on him, but what the toll is on his family and those around him. The story makes it quite clear that not only does he pay the price for his aspirations, but his family pays just as heavy a price, and at times maybe even more.

The one thing that I really enjoyed was the relationship between Jack and his wife. It's very well written and makes it clear that she is just as responsible for his success as he is. The story moves along at a great pace, and keeps things interesting. There are no dull points where the reader is given filler just to up the word count, every detail counts!

If you enjoy political thrillers, then you'll love this book. I couldn't stop reading it, and was sorry when I got to the end!

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