Sunday, 1 April 2012

AGH The Movie, Chad Calek, Mary Beth Wylie

Last night I finally had the chance to see AGH The movie, after waiting over a year for it to come to Canada.   I had truly been keeping my eyes glued to Chad Calek's twitter feed waiting for some Canadian dates to be announced.  I really didn't know what to expect, and only had a vague idea of the content.  I knew that it was documentary style and based on the happenings in Chad's life, but that was about it.  I have to admit that most times I go out of my way to not look for too much information when something catches my interest, because I don't want to have any preconceived notions of what to expect.

When I got the announcement from the AGH web site that dates for Canada had been confirmed, and ticket information, I jumped on it before it got cold.  I think I got the notification around 6pm, and by 8pm I had gotten my VIP ticket during the pre sale.  I went for the whole experience.

Why, you might ask?  Because I have been waiting for this.  The idea of going to a dinner with Chad and Mary Beth, and having the chance to talk to them in a small intimate setting was a wonderful opportunity.  I have to say that the night went far beyond my expectations.  Both Chad and Mary Beth are likable, warm, down to earth people with no notions of being above the people who have been supporting them all along.  They chatted and laughed with all of us and generally made us all feel that we'd known them for years. 

The event took place in a downtown hotel, and the movie, and the full length version of The Ghost Prophecies alone would have been worth the almost $200 ticket price.  But in addition, there was a 'Best Of' paranormal evidence presentation, and a screening of 'AGH: Moundsville'.  There was also an auction for which 100% the proceeds went to the Shriners, in support of their work with burn victims.  (Calek's father was injured in a workplace accident, and received burns to over 77% of his body.)  There was Q & A sessions, photo ops, autographs and an after party for those of us with the VIP tickets, and yes, it was so worth it.

The movie itself, although does deal with paranormal happenings, has an incredible 'human' story to it, and is very heartfelt and touching.  It also quite honestly shows how people and families can be affected by things that may be paranormal, or may not be.  It also shows how one can most definitely be tied to the other.  Is the issue paranormal?  Is the issue psychological?  Is it both?  To tell the truth it really doesn't matter.  What does matter is that by sharing the story it shows that none of us are alone.

As well as covering the affects on the Calek family, many interesting issues about the town of Persia Ohio itself are brought to light.  In the long run, it makes one wonder just what is happening in that small town, and if there isn't more there than can be explained away.

The movie will be released on a wider public scale later this year.  I would absolutely recommend going to see it to anyone, whether they are interested in the paranormal or not.  I think I'll probably see it again, just because I believe that a second viewing will bring more things to the forefront, that I missed on the first viewing.

I know that Chad Calek is interested in doing more documentaries, and wants to tour them the same way he did with this movie.  All I can say is that I'll be one of the first people to buy tickets for the events and happily attend them before they go into general release.  If for no other reason, because it's such an enjoyable way to see a movie, with others who love the genre as well.  


  1. Dear Lee,

    I am so pleased to arrive at your blog and see this post about the Calek family. I too have followed their story. Almost unbelievable, unless one has had similar experiences! I would love to hear even more about your evening, the specific topics, the 'factoid highlights'...Thank you!

    Fascinating, isn't it? I love their YouTube videos! If the Calek family came to Seattle this year, like you, I would be standing in line for a chance to hear Chad's experiences first hand!


  2. Hey, you will so enjoy the experience of hearing Chad speak. He covered some of the things that happened on Paranormal State, and ran the hour long version of things that happened at Moundsville, with Ryan Buell. There were photo's and pieces of evidence that weren't covered in the show. He also talked about the 'Six' case and what happened/is happening with the young lady now.